Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Children's Books for Teaching Math Concepts

One of my favorite library blogs is the Waterboro Public Library blog. It uses library technology in a cool way; it's not about new services but about providing traditional services online. It's not changing what libraries do; it changes how we do it.

For example, this post on Children's Books for Teaching Math Concepts is basically a combination of an online book display and reader's advisory. Except, unlike traditional displays, this is viewable by everyone in the public, not just the people who walk thru the door; the information about the books is always up, instead of leaving as the books get checked out; the information is always available, not disappearing once it's time for a new book display. As reader's advisory, instead of the traditional one-on-one discussion, it's a discussion that reaches beyond one customer.

And I love that the blog is called "h20boro lib blog." Makes me smile every time I see it.