Monday, November 27, 2006

LJ comment responses

This is syndicated over at LiveJournal and every now and then I get comments or questions over there.

Cybils Graphic Novel Nominations, Question from unfinished80: Which of these would you recommend for YA's?
Answer: Many Graphic Novels are published with strong YA interest that are not published specifically for YAs, which makes selection for collections, recommendations, and the award process difficult. For this list, I've read only a handful of titles, but all were nominated by people aware that this was for either children or teens. Which is childrens/which is YA is one of the things that the nominating committee will consider in reaching its two top five lists. Of the GNS on the list that I've read, my can't lose recommendation for YA is Runaways.

The Book Thief; Amy McAuley shared in the love of the Book Thief and its Australian cover.

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