Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Costa Children's Book Award

Costa* Children's Book Award, the Shortlist:

Clay by David Almond (on my to-be-read pile)
The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding (not yet here in the US)
Set in Stone by Linda Newbery (oh, I have to order this one, it looks awesome)
Just in Case by Meg Rosoff (I just placed a hold).

*Used to be the Whitbread.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree about Set in Stone. Sounds yummy. Thanks for the tip!

Brian Farrey said...

Move CLAY to the top of the pile. It's amazing. Very creepy. Very minimal. Oh, and if you can arrange it, read it on a train travelling through norhern England (where the book is set).

Anonymous said...

Yay! I loved 'Clay' -- powerful stuff.