Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Disney Cuties Project Bedroom

Project: Bedroom (Disney Cuties) by Apple Jordan. Random House.

This book includes "window clings, wall stencils, with other decorating goodies!" which explains that it was quickly out the door with Queen Lucy.

It's a pretty typical bedroom decorating book, aimed at children ages six and up. It's short, with things like the "cuties quiz" to help create a "room that screams YOU." After deciding whether I prefer (a) animal patterns or (b) fluffy stuffed animals or (c) saving animals, I found out I am a b, and "like the finer things in life" with decorating scheme that advises, "you need a space where you and your friends can hang out after a hard time shopping. Don't forget under the bed boxes as well as extra storage areas for all your clothes and accessories."

While I was a little leery of the Disney Cuties and the "shopping" bit (even tho it's true). As someone who shared rooms with a sister for years, often in rentals where we couldn't paint, I was on the lookout for what this would say and wouldn't say. Most of the redecorating tips were real and did not require expensive purchases or extensive room changes. For example, Speedy Room ReDo number 1 was to use throw pillows; another part suggests using calendars and magazines as sources for pictures; and it also talks about free things like moving furniture. This is what it says it is: a short, simple, easy to read book about decorating that puts ownership in how a kids room looks in the hands of a kid, without spending bundles. Which, actually, makes everyone happy! Otherwise, that Holly Hobbie quilt that looks cool when you're nine is embarrassing you when you're fourteen.

Yes, there are stencils included in this, but the instructions are clear to get a parents OK before painting.

Admittedly, I haven't done any nonfiction comparison in this area; so while I know there are tons of stuff aimed at parents doing kids rooms, I'm not so familiar with those books aimed at the kids who have to live in those rooms. (Why do I keep picturing Clarissa's room as I think of kids taking decorating into their own hands?)

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