Monday, November 06, 2006

Why oh why isn't Picket Fences on DVD?

This week's discussion question is brought to us from Brian. Hi, Brian!!

I'm not sure why Picket Fences* isn't available on DVD.

I have two assumptions (and actually? I'm usually quite good at making up stories about this type of stuff that turn out to be true.) If anyone knows the true story, or if I make a fool of myself with my answers, please post!

First, the contracts with people didn't include what happens when shows appear on DVD (or similar new media), and that's something that either hasn't been worked out or no one has even tried to work out. Since I believe people should be paid for their work, and that the people who create the work should be treated fairly,** I am all for those involved with the TV shows getting something for their work appearing on DVD.

Second, music. Music was often bought just for that one show; and now there is the headache/cost of either purchasing that song for the DVDs, also; or replacing that song altogether which drives some of us mad, because some songs work so well with some scenes.

So here's my question:
What TV shows do you wish were available on DVD?

My answer is easy: thirtysomething.


Additional links: I've touched on this in the past here, here, and here.

* Yes, I know that the IMDB shows a DVD link for availability. Click on it and you'll get something like this.
** What is not fair: one "star" making 8 digits plus a percentage while everyone else makes a flat minimum amount and no percentage; or the studio having all profits and no one else benefiting from a success. Yes, the studio is entitled to make money; but so are the people who work on the series.

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Little Willow said...

Rainbow Brite
The Others (NOT related to the movie at all - it barely had one season of loveliness before it was cancelled)
Strange Luck

Only S1 of Without a Trace has been released. Bring on the other seasons, CBS!

Jem is on DVD but the prices are absolutely insane.

Anonymous said...

I got my Region 2 Robin of Sherwood DVDs from (at that time, they were on sale for a raging bargain) and unlocked the region code on my DVD player and it worked! The picture quality isn't great (there are PAL converters and then there are PAL converters, it seems) but it's quite watchable. The pacing is a little disjointed, with the stories leaping over bits I want them to linger on, but everyone is as lovely as I remember and the setting is almost another character, it's so lovingly photographed. Worth all the hassle.

Anonymous said...

S2 of Twin Peaks, durnit!

(Assuming it still hasn't been released.)

Anonymous said...

I adored PF, too. It started when I was in high school (maybe ninth grade?), and I was a tad obsessed with Kenny for quite some time...

Nancy said...

This is a great question and tough to answer. Since they put Soap and The Muppet Show on DVD, my life has been pretty good.

Brian Farrey said...

Hi back atcha!

Yes, I'm sure music is the reason we have no Picket Fences on DVD. It's the same reason we have no Ally McBeal on DVD.

It's sad.

But I did hear a rumor that Twin Peaks season 2 is coming soon.

Christen said...

Get Smart! I love that show and I have no idea why it isn't on DVD yet!! Maxwell Smart, The Cone of Silence, KAOS... So funny!! =)