Friday, November 03, 2006

Warning, warning!

Self Indulgent College Student Posting, Part the first.

This was published in The Monmouth Review in... well, when I was in school and it was still Monmouth College, not Monmouth University. Lo those many years ago.

by Elizabeth Burns

I am in a rush,
The thermometer slips from my fingers,
Crashing against the harsh tile
Clumsy fool.
Silver beads of mercury scatter.
I kneel on the cold bathroom floor
And try to pick them up.
They refuse to be recovered.
I cannot take back what I said
No more than say what I did not.
Hesitant and fearful I touch.
Each bubble bursts.
I have nothing that has not been shattered.
I lean against the sink
Head hot
And cry.

UPDATED to add: Find the full Friday round-up over at Big A little a.


christine M said...

This sounds familiar - you must have showed it to me - I'm going to post some of our old stuff - if I can ever find the book.

Little Willow said...

I like it as well!

It brought to mind this quote from WILD ROSES by Deb Caletti:

Something about this reminded me of the time I dropped our old thermometer and mercury bounced crazily all over the bathroom floor. - Page 194

Anonymous said...

Your poem made me sad for that distant you...