Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hello, Jensen!

The fourth in my exciting non-series! Go here and follow the links for the full history of how I don't even make an effort to get the interview! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, here at Tea Cozy, it's all about the questions; we don't really care about the answers.

Hello to Jensen Ackles, aka Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

According to IMDB, your parents were going to name you Justin, thought that was too common, so picked Jensen instead. Yet, also according to IMDB, you have a brother named Joshua. Dude, what's with that? I mean, look at any baby name site and Joshua is always more popular than Justin. Did they just like him better?

You get the Award for Best Singing Along With The Radio for your performance of Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon. Please share with us how that song was picked and if you already knew the words.

I'm a huge fan of the crossover. Sadly, some of the more obvious crossovers that would work with Supernatural won't because those shows (Buffy, The X Files, Roswell) are over. But I also enjoy the less obvious matches; like, I think a Law & Order crossover would be cool. Any chance of us seeing a crossover this year, and what show would it be? I'd like to say Veronica Mars, but then there's be the whole Jo looks like dead Meg thing to work around.



Brian Farrey said...

My favorite "crossover that never happened" was between X-Files and Picket Fences. Where they wanted to do it but their respective networks wouldn't officially let them but each episode that aired that week contained enough references to the other show that you knew there was a sort of crossover.

Why oh why isn't Picket Fences on DVD?

Liz B said...

I'll have to track down the X Files/ Picket Fence, because I love that type of thing. Love, love, love.

Why are so many things not on DVD? Hmm...I have an idea...

Nancy said...

Could you interview Jeremy Northam soon please? I'm listening to him read one of the Narnia books right now, and I'm seriously having trouble following the book because I keep thinking about Jeremy Northam reading rather than what he's reading.