Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In For Questioning

One of the things I like about reviews online is that I find out about books from smaller presses; I find out book news that isn't in daily papers, and only occasionally in the monthly journals. There is a need, and blogs meet that need. (For more, see the convo going on over at Gail's Original Content.)

Lo and behold, while looking up myself in Technorati (c'mon, you we all do it), I found this new book blog: In For Questioning , "about providing readers with the information about smaller presses, underground ventures, writing contests and authors to watch for. Find out just how much is happening in the publishing business that doesn't always make it into the mainstream news."

Yes, yes, yes!! This is exactly why we read and write blogs. And this is exactly why the mainstream news should stop getting their knickers in a twist over blogs. This isn't about bloggers being "used" by publishers and publicists; this is about bloggers discovering cool new stuff and sharing.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks for your enthusiastic support and the link. We hope people will get behind the idea.

And if you've ever discovered something, like the Costa Children's Book Award, and are posting about it feel free to drop us a note and we'll put a link to you as the news source.

Great blog. I must add you to my links.

Anonymous said...
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