Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Don Eppes Is My TV Boyfriend

I'd like to thank Carlie, the matchmaker between me & my new TV boyfriend.

This is how we met:

Carlie likes the TV show Numb3rs, with Don Eppes (FBI guy) and his math whiz brother, Charlie*. Now, Melissa and Carlie had tried to introduce me to this show before, during the infamous Flavor Flav weekend, I believe. But, it didn't take.

I was visiting Carlie a few weekends ago and we were watching Supernatural (pretty, pretty boys.) And Carlie then did the best Readers Advisory for TV ever. Picking up on a significant reason why I adore the show, she said, "You know, this show is just like Numb3rs."

"How so," I asked, wondering what a show about demons had in common with a show about crimes.

"Supernatural: two brothers and a Chevy Impala. Numb3rs: two brothers and a Craftsman house."

Casting it in the light of family drama and brotherly angst, I had to watch. How obsessed am I?

I chose to watch the Season 2 DVD rather than watch original shows this past month.

I am now slightly obsessed with the show, and Don Eppes. (Let's be clear: I'm not some crazy stalker girl who has confused Rob Morrow with the character he plays. And I know Don is not real.) Why I like the character: well, have you seen him? Adorable. But also? There is all the family drama and emotions; the two brothers who trying to reconnect, the father, the family dynamics. Sigh. Forget the crime solving, I like the conversation over dinner. And they bicker, just like Sam and Dean! Seriously, Alan Eppes is just like John Winchester; except nicer and not so psycho. And I don't think the Winchesters are Jewish.

Past TV boyfriends have included Brian Ash, Joe Dubois is my TV husband, and book boyfriend: Gen, of course, as well as Michael Jennings (and half of EEW's main characters). I think Will was one of my first book boyfriends.

So, confess. Don't leave me here on my own. Who is your TV/book/movie boyfriend or girlfriend?.

*edited to add: holy hannah, what a difference a hair cut makes.


Anonymous said...

I fall for nerds in TV shows and movies. Fox Mulder was my TV boyfriend in college because I loved how smart and focused he was (not to mention David Duchovny was pretty cute). In numbers I like Charlie, actually. Again with the whole nerd thing. I even had a thing for Egon from the Ghostbusters when I was a kid. I should probably buy one of those "talk nerdy to me" shirts.

As for book boyfriends, Gwydion from the Prydain Chronicles when I was a kid, and then Captain Wentworth from Persuasion and Silk from the Belgariad series in college. Now I'm not sure. I fall for lots of book guys, but it always varies (I think it depends a lot on the author's writing as well as the character itself).

Anonymous said...

OMG, I had so many TV boyfriends! Right now, I have both Sam Winchester and Clark Kent dangling on my chocolate goddess behind. No book boyfriends, but Paul Walker was my movie boyfriend.

Huh...that would be a good question to ask my characters. In honor of Teen Read Week next week, I'll be posting interviews with the main characters from my novels. If you'd like to ask my girls a question, pop on over.

Michele said...

My sister's a big fan of both Numb3rs and Supernatural but I confess I'm so lame about watching TV I've never seen either one...

However, my TV boyfriend is definitely The Doctor - he's extraordinarily geeky (anyone who refers to books as weapons pretty much wins my vote straight away), he's funny, incredibly energetic, tolerant (mostly), and saves the Universe on a regular basis - what's not to love ? (Plus when he looks like David Tennant - I'm dead of love !)

Second in line would be Giles the librarian from Buffy - but he's quite a long way down the ladder !

Mary Beth said...

For my TV boyfriend, I'll have to go with Agent Seelye Booth from Bones. As for a book boyfriend, give me any of the protagonists from the Dick Francis books especially Lee Morris from Decider, but ONLY because I just finished re-reading it. Growing up, it was Joe Hardy from the Hardy Boys, especially after I saw the TV show with Shaun Cassidy (I am such a geek!)

Carlie Webber said...

I suppose it's only fair that I weigh in, since I'm to blame for your obsession.

My TV boyfriend *was* Woody Hoyt from Crossing Jordan, but then NBC went and cancelled it, the meanies. Now I guess it's Dr. Chase from "House." Or maybe Sam Winchester (but Dean has better taste in music).

Anonymous said...

I liked Eddie from "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" (yes, I am OLD). And as a mom, I had a tiny thing for Steve from Blue's Clues. And I'm not alone, so don't look at me that way! He seemed to relate to preschoolers but at the same time make little jokes that only adults would get - like an Elvis Presley impersonation thrown in for no reason at all. I am currently crushing a little on the guy from "Band of Brothers" in a new NBC show called "Life". And then there was Melanie Mayron's young boyfriend on "ThirtySomething" (NOT Gary). Ooh, what WAS his name???

Liz B said...

rosepixie: Oh yes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=getG19TQ0go OMG I totally forgot Silk and he was totally my book boyfriend, also!!! For some bizarre reason, I always pictured him as Original! Starbuck, Dirk Benedict. Yes, I am that old.

Celise: a most excellent question for your book girls. And Sam? Excellent choice. Have you seen Plastic Winchester Theatre?

Mary Beth: Seely is made of awesome. David does a great job with him; it's custom made for him.

Carlie: How rude of your tv boyfriend to break up with you because of cancellation! See, usually tv boyfriends are so dependable: they are always there, week after week, they are cute, dependable, funny.

Chris: I am assuming you mean TV Eddie, and not Movie Eddie? Tho young Ron Howard is a cutie. Best. theme. song. Ever. I have it on my iPod. And that would be Lee, as her young boyfriend, and he was so cute, and WHY isn't 30something on dvd yet? Screw the music rights.

Melissa Rabey said...

As you well know, my TV boyfriend right now is the Doctor, for all the reasons that Michele said. As far as book boyfriends . . . hmmm. I can't really think of any at the moment (a horrible oversight, I'm sure) but I tend to be a serial monagamist kind of girl: I have one fictional boyfriend, and that's it.

BTW, about halfway through Long May She Reign, and OMG the awesome!!! Thank you so much for talking up EEW so much, because seriously, LMSR is just amazing.

Liz B said...

Michelle, yes, Giles goes on the TV boyfriend list.

But as for the Doctor/Tennant, I know that both you and Melissa have already claimed him, so, alas, while he can be my TV good friend, he cannot be my tv boyfriend; but I do admire your taste.

And, yes, Melissa, isn't LMSR superb!!! Let me know what other books of EEW's you want to read, and I'll bring them the next time I see you (hint, hint, invite wanted to new apartment!)