Monday, October 08, 2007

First Annual Kidlitosphere Conference: More Reports

My report begins here. To continue...

Laini Taylor has a great write up and and photos at her blog. Isn't her hair awesome? The perfect description of my personality type: the person who adores Laini's hair but would never have the nerve to do it myself. I had a lot of fun chatting with Laini and her husband, Jim Di Bartolo, who has also blogged the conference. After meeting them, I thought, hmm, Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier have some serious competition for "coolest couple in the childlit/YAlit world."

Miss Rumphius had a fab time and a mountain of work waiting for her back home. I wish I could say, oh, I have a mountain of work also, except my mountain is a self induced mountain as right now I am on a mini work break.

I had fun hanging out with one of the Cybils participants, Stacy, who reports on the conference at Booktopia and the amazing Planet Esme at Welcome to my Tweendom. Esme herself was delightful (yet another person who made me think the universe is unfair: so many people who I would love to be able to call up and say, hey, let's meet for coffee, and they all live in different time zones!) and as for her Bookroom, let me just say: half the photos I took this weekend was at the Bookroom. Amazing.

Wizards Wireless brings the Harry Potter perspective.

Edited to add:

Read Write Believe shares the news and gossip.

I'll update as more people share, and also hope to do an independent wrap up of events.

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Sara said...

Great to meet you, Liz. I didn't have any good gossip on you, except that you cause any show you follow to be canceled and I really didn't want to reinforce that myth in case you're watching Friday Night Lights. Or House.

I think I told you this in person, but all those conversations with so many people are starting to run together, so I'll say it again: great presentation on ethics. I thought it summed up the state of what we'd already discussed as well as gave us all new things to think about as we blaze this kidlitosphere trail.