Thursday, October 18, 2007

Laini Taylor shares some fantasy

Laini Taylor, author of Blackbringer, shares some fantasy writing on her blog.

What? That's not fantasy? In my world, it is. The glue, the mess, the lost temper. A knife? Without bloodshed? And look at the pretty made up words: acrylic matte medium. And at one point, she says that doing part of this is "pretty basic." He!

While reading that entry makes me think "pretty" and "I can do it too!" I know ... it's a fantasy. Or perhaps, science fiction? Either way, in my reality, it's just not happening, even as I enjoy reading about the process.

But buying those cool journals from Powell's is a reason to go to the 2nd Annual Kidlitosphere Conference next year!

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Laini Taylor said...

Hey, wow! My name was not what I expected to see popping over here! Funny response, Liz -- I guess my blog is caught between crafters and reader/writers, so for some the collage thing might be basic, and for others, not so much! It is fun, though. Kind of like finger painting! And yes: Powell's. . .