Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jensen Ackles is smart

His interview over at TVGuide shows that he knows and gets not only fan culture, but also, the whole business of viewing dynamics, etc.

Some good quotes:

TV Guide: There are Samoholics and Deaniacs out there. You each have your own coterie of fans, don't you?
Ackles: What's funny is the network always talks about how we skew to a younger audience, but at the events we go to, the ones who show up at the set are usually women ages 30 to 50. It's actually pretty cool.


TV Guide: What does it say that the CW put you up against Grey's, CSI, The Office and even Kitchen Nightmares?
Ackles: I understand the pairing of us and Smallville, the only show on the network we can really combo with. Yes, it sucks. It's very, very strong competition. They're all top-10 shows. The network's excuse for it is, "That's not your audience, it's an older audience." I disagree. The same age range watching those shows are tuning in to our show and buying the DVDs and watching them. It's hard being on a new network, a smaller network.

Sorry, Don. But there's room for both of you in my viewing schedule!


Spot The Difference said...

I'd rather watch Kitchen Nightmares, IMO

Anonymous said...

Ooh, thanks for the link!