Monday, October 22, 2007

Robert's Snow Illustrators

Please take time out to visit all of these blogs, and read about these fabulous illustrators. And, if you're so inclined, think about bidding for a snowflake in the Robert's Snow auction. Each snowflake makes a unique gift (for yourself or for someone else), and supports an important cause.

Image used with permission; thanks to The Miss Rumphius Effect for doing all the code. I am participating in the blog project to highlight all illustrators who are involved in the Robert's Snow auction, but mine are later on in the process.

Please note that hundreds of illustrators are participating, and not all illustrators are being highlighted by blogs. See the Wild Rose Reader for an explanation of the process. The main point of Blogging for a Cure is to bring the auction to the attention of more people, so that money can be raised.

And now, this week's schedule:

Monday, October 22

Tuesday, October 23

Wednesday, October 24

Thursday, October 25

Friday, October 26

Saturday, October 27

Sunday, October 28

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