Saturday, May 09, 2009

Board Books

"Board Buddies" Board Books. Copies supplied by publisher, Marshall Cavendish Children.

Princess! illustrated by Viviana Garofoli. 2008.

A Princess goes about her day -- waking up, eating, playing. The illustrations are colorful and details stay the same from picture to picture. Everyone is a Princess -- or Prince.

Garofoli also illustrated the board book, Pirates. (Yeah, I'd love to see a crossover -- Pirates and Princesses!)

Play Ball illustrated by Santiago Cohen. 2008.

Basketball, football, soccer and other games illustrate different sports verbs: Pitch, Toss, Bat. Animals play the various games; avoiding any boys play x, girls play y problems. Because, you know, they're animals.

The illustrator has some sample pictures at his website, so you can appreciate the bold colors. And I always love finding out more about the illustrators for these books.

Alphabet House by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. 2008.

Origami and found paper illustrations create deliciously detailed illustrations. Each letter has its own page; includes the upper and lower case letter; and then has several different objects starting with that letter to be found by the young reader.

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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I have a 5 month old grandson so I have been perusing and buying quite a bit of board books lately. His favorite have been those with baby faces and big brightly colored illustrations and pages that have things he can feel.

I'm enjoying your blog!