Friday, May 08, 2009

Quite Simply The Best DVD News EVER

thirtysomething: The Complete First Season

I know. Isn't' this wonderful? I swore off buying any new DVDs, but this... this is an Occasion.

According to The LA Times, music rights was a big hurdle, which we all suspected. But, also, there was a problem with master copies.

So, what is your favorite thirtysomething episode or story arc?

I am having trouble deciding on just one (and just one that would not be a major spoiler for those who have not watched the show).

I remember this being described as a yuppie fantasy, once -- because in real life, when you are in your 30s and working, you don't have all the time to connect with your friends, because of work and distance etc.

Anyway, I have pre-ordered my copy. I may live twitter my watching....

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Debby G said...

Oh, I loved Thirtysomething back in the day! I think I was a twentysomething back then.

Anonymous said...
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