Sunday, April 18, 2010


Because nothing says "classy" like running into a stranger and wanting to share an amusing anecdote involving her dead exboyfriend, that, actually, has nothing to do with the dead ex.

With bonus "how funny" points for wanting to tell the story in front of the dead man's four year old daughter.

And an added level of "creepy" because it's in Modern Love and talks about the interaction of two toddlers as if they were in a nightclub, hoping to get lucky.

And I keep forgetting. Being in movies and television shows means you give up the right to have a cup of coffee without it being turned into someone else's New York Times story.

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Anonymous said...

I was kind of creeped out by it as well. Glad I'm not the only one. Yuch.

SiS said...

Yuck. I totally agree. Although, admittedly, a lot of us "regular" folks get a little wacky around the slebs. I once ASSED OUT in front of Mercedes McNab(Harmony from BTVS) when she turned up at my family Christmas dinner.

Still, this event happened, what, five months ago? Dude has had time to recover.

jenn said...

Not to mention, he was angling to get a play date not because they hit it off so well, (he went on a bit about how banal their conversation was) or because their kids got along so well, but because of what it would say about HIM. That he'd be the one to score a play date with the local celebrity. Made me feel sorry for MW, although her daughter sounded pretty adorable.

Stasia D said...

I thought it was odd as well. I read it through, then thought to myself that it had no real purpose.