Thursday, April 01, 2010

SLJ Round Three, Match Two

Walter Dean Myers is faced with two quite different books: Marching for Freedom and Tales from Outer Suburbia.

At this point in the competition, at Round Three, it's not just any books before a judge. It's books that two other judges have given a thumbs up to. So while two judges have been charmed by Tales from Outer Suburbia, Myers says "A different approach to a story? Absolutely! An interesting approach? Mildly. Compelling? No." Marching for Freedom marches on to another round: "Elizabeth Partridge brings that courage [of those marchers] to these pages."

Putting aside the mysterious zombie book for a moment, the final round is between Marching for Freedom and The Lost Conspiracy. And, some would say, a round between what it means to be a children's book. In the one corner, we have Education and Lessons, represented by Marching for Freedom. In the other, we have Entertainment and Fun, represented by The Lost Conspiracy.

Who shall win?

As for me, in the absence of CharMa, I say LoCo!

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