Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've Got a Barn, Let's Put On a Show!

Seriously, a few years ago Robin Brande suggested some kidlit bloggers get together for a potluck dinner and next thing you know, we are at our Third Annual Kidlitosphere Conference.

This is entirely volunteer; put together, run, organized, planned by members of the kidlitosphere.

Who is this for? Anyone who blogs about children's and teen books; writes or illustrates children's and teen books; comments at blogs about children's and teen books; or reads blogs about children's and teen books. So, yes, that includes you! This is YOUR conference!

"Conference" seems such a big, formal word about what is more a chance for people who know each other online to get together and talk about what they love with other people who get it.

Author Bonus: Since this is so intimate a gathering, it's a great way for authors to network with bloggers. MotherReader has some additional information at her blog: Book Promotion, A Conference Scenario. Librarians near the conference? Keep on eye out for what authors are attending, and contact them about scheduling a library or school visit!

Where is it? DC. Technically, Arlington VA, at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel. A special conference rate has been arranged, but you need to reserve by September 16 (or until the block of rooms are filled)

Why DC? Because the first year was Chicago; then Portland; so now it's on the East Coast. Plus, remember the v word; volunteer. MotherReader, from the DC area, volunteered to organize this. Where will it be next year? I imagine not the East Coast; and it will depend on who steps up to organize. If you're within driving distance of DC, take advantage of this because I promise you, while I don't know where this will be next year, I can tell you this. It's very unlikely it will be on the East Coast.

When? Saturday, October 17. Things are scheduled from 8:00 to 5:00; plus, there may be informal excursions for whoever is around the day before and after. Plus, on Saturday, there is a dinner.

How much? $100; bringing someone who doesn't want the full conference but will be at the dinner? $50.

What are some of the formal sessions? The are listed at the Conference website. What isn't listed is just how fun it is to match the faces to the blogs; to turn to someone and with a straight face say, "Mother Reader, this is Tea Cozy." And to network and talk and laugh with other people who are passionate about books.

Who will be there? MotherReader started a list a couple of weeks ago at her blog. I know I've talked to a few people who said they are going, and aren't on the list (yet). Keep checking to see the attendee list.

Will you be there? I will!

Bonus Feature: So, which "I have a barn, let's put on a show" TV show/ movie do you remember?

© Elizabeth Burns of A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy


MotherReader said...

You wrote this so well. I'm putting you in charge of all my press releases from now on. I'm going to update the list soon - now to include author Elizabeth Scott. Yeah!

Bill said...

Great post! I can't wait to get to the barn and the show.