Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When Mike Kissed Emma

Happy Book Day!!!!

Today is the official publication date for When Mike Kissed Emma by Christine Marciniak.

Christine (interviewed here) has been my friend for a very, very long time; which means that yes, I read the Charlie's Angels/ BradyBunch/ MarySue story. And was there for the KC/ Kate/ Meg/ Emma incarnations. I even remember WHY KC was KC. And the inspirations for other friends.

I've read Mike as he evolved from Nice Jim to Psycho Jim to Friend Mike to Biker Mike.

All those stories (and more!) about the journey of WMKE from idea to draft to story to revised story can be found at Christine's blog.

Books, like babies, sometimes come early. While today is the "it" day, Christine got her copies about two weeks ago and shared photos at her writing blog, Simply Put.

Here's the book trailer:

Go over and say "congrats" for Christine's first book!!

More information on the book is available at the publisher's website (Climbing Rose, an imprint of The Wild Rose Press).

And at Publisher's Weekly.

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christine M said...

Thanks so much! You were certainly there through it all!

Ali said...

My work-in-progress has changed quite a bit over the years, too. It's always fun to see how stories evolve as they get written and rewritten.

Christine's book is debuting on my son's 9th birthday! I'd say that's a very auspicious beginning.

christine M said...

Ali - Happy 9th birthday to your son. I have a nine year old boy too - it's a fun age.