Monday, August 03, 2009

Welcome, SLJ Readers!

Carlie Webber and I have an article in this month's School Library Journal.

Actually, we have the COVER STORY of SLJ. It's called When Harry Met Bella: Fanfiction is all the rage. But is it plagiarism? Or the perfect thing to encourage young writers?

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R.J. Anderson said...

Thanks for a wonderful article, balanced and well-informed (and helpful to beginning ficcers as well!). I think fanfic is a terrific way for authors to get used to having their work peer-critiqued and edited, and learn the discipline of revising and polishing their work before they submit. I know that for me, writing fanfic was (and still is, on occasion!) a positive learning experience and a neat way to make new friends.

christine M said...

Great article!

Susan said...

Thanks for explaining WHY people would want to do this. I enjoyed your article very much.

Rhiannon Hart said...

Fantastic article, and I love the cartoons. (And the random knitting help link!) I wrote fan fiction as a teenager about ten years ago. All sorts, and I posted them on the net. It was my introduction to the online community and gosh it was fun! There were some seriously good stories out there, and some less good ones too, but it was all done in the name of fun so no one really worried about that. And you're definitely right about being able to concentrate on plotting etc when you have a set of well developed characters to play with. Plus it was just too much fun to pair up those two characters that just never got together on that TV show/in that book ...

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