Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The National Day of Writing

Today is The National Day of Writing!

What is this NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) initiative? From the website: "Writing is a daily practice for millions of Americans, but few notice how integral writing has become to daily life in the 21st century. To draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing we engage in and help make writers from all walks of life aware of their craft, NCTE has established October 20, 2009 as the National Day on Writing."

Also? The US Senate passed a resolution designating October 20, 2009 as the National Day of Writing.

Not quite sure what to do? Look at NCTE's Tips for Writers. Then submit what you've written (or your students or patrons) to NCTE's National Gallery of Writing.

While that is the national gallery, there is also a local kidlitosphere gallery. A Year of Reading explains at their website, at Submit A Piece About Your Reading Life to our Local Gallery. Plus, a direct link to the A Lifetime of Reading Gallery.

What am I going to submit? I'm still not sure; I'm looking up old posts, trying to decide. Yes, it's a little last minute but I'll find the perfect post! What about you?

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Kate Messner said...

I've been working on today's project for a while now...at the request of a teacher who contacted me via Twitter and wanted to know how she could show her students what authors' marked up manuscript pages look like. My celebration of the National Day on Writing is a Revision Gallery on my blog (hoping it will grow, too!)


I also submitted a blog post I wrote for our school's open house - about heading off book challenges- to the National Gallery. I just love that whole idea.

Happy National Day on Writing!