Friday, October 23, 2009

Technology: The Engine Driving Pop Culture-Savvy Libraries or Source of Overload?

Are you going to the Internet Librarian 2009 Conference?

Then you have two chances to meet me, you lucky person, you!

First, on Monday, October 26? I'll be at a Meet the Authors program.

Second, I'll be giving a presentation on Wednesday October 28 with Sarah Houghton-Jan, Digital Futures Manager, San Jose Public Library author of, called Technology: The Engine Driving Pop Culture-Savvy Libraries or Source of Overload?

Technology often drives pop culture trends like iPhone mania and texting addictions, and it can also be used to improve all kinds of library services when we embrace the idea that information technology is everyone’s job. By establishing a tech-friendly atmosphere, libraries can harness the latest real-world and web-based techno tools to engage customers in an ongoing discussion to identify and meet the pop cultural & life-learning needs of their communities. Find out how to use trendspotting, experimentation, and continuous training to create a technological sandbox at your library and hear about creative strategies and practical, imaginative solutions from the field for you to use in your community. Then hear how to deal with information load through ten principles including organizational techniques, how to filter your input, time and stress management, managing overload in different media: email, RSS, interruptive technologies, the telephone, print media, multimedia, and social networks. Come away with a plan for tackling your own mound (physical or virtual) of overload!

Stop by, say "hi." Tell me I sent you.

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Shannon Messenger said...

Sounds like a really interesting event--I wish I could go! Too bad I'm stuck down here in So Cal where it's entirely too hot.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I just found your blog today (I have no idea how I've missed it for so long) and I really enjoyed your posts. I hope you don't mind that I'm following you now (in the NON-stalkerish sense of the term...)

Mechelle Fogelsong said...

At the risk of overloading you, I'm going to add to the very stuff you're talking about here. Our library is planning a New Moon party, and the big Kahoona librarian asked me to plan/organize it. I posted my New Moon party plans on my own blog, and all librarians are free to steal my brilliant ideas.

Here's a link:

This is just information sharing. I'm not a spammer or anything. It's just that your post seemed to talk about how technology opens up librarians to a wealth of helpful stuff, so I thought, I'll just add my helpful stuff as a comment. Hope that's not a problem.