Friday, October 02, 2009

Poetry Friday; Thank You, Kelly Herold!

Wanting to know more about Poetry Friday but are too terrified of iambic pentameter to ask? Lucky for you, its all explained in Thank Goodness It's (Poetry) Friday by Susan Thomsen (of Chicken Spaghetti). Published in 2007 at The Poetry Foundation, this remains the definitive article on Poetry Friday. Kidlitosphere Central also has information online.

In a nutshell, Kelly Herold of Big A little a said "I’m instituting poetry Fridays around here. Kids don’t read poetry enough. Heck, Americans don’t read poetry enough.” And a bunch of people said "hey, awesome idea." And then thought people leaving "here's my link" in posts wasn't enough to highlight those posting. Back when I used to do round ups, I didn't wait for people to come to me to say "look, I posted": I actually spent a couple of hours searching blogs to include their poetry links.

Herold is the chief bottle washer and organizer for Poetry Friday; she asks for volunteers, coordinates them, and lets everyone know where the next round up will be. It's about promoting poets, poetry, poetry books -- not about Herold increasing her statistics and getting a ton of links.

I admit, my participation in Poetry Friday has died down to be practically nonexistent. I admit it; it was hard to keep finding poetry I liked, that was either out of copyright or legally online to link to. When I am organized enough to say "oh, a poetry post, schedule it for Poetry Friday I do not always take the time to link to the person who is currently doing the round up. I cannot say I'm going to be participating every Friday; but when I do, I'll link and go to the round up to make sure I'm included and supporting this wonderful grass roots event.

Recent round ups included Becky's Book Reviews (September 18) and today, Crossover, Kelly's new blog.

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tanita✿davis said...

Hard to believe it just started with a single, "this is what *I'm* going to do" kind of idea. And now it's an institution.

DandD said...

There was a book recently written that does famous poems with graphic pictures. Does anyone know the name of it? It includes Wordsworth, Frost, Dickinson I think. Please write to