Thursday, October 22, 2009

Social Media With Gregory K, Kidlitcon 09

So, if you're looking for someone to speak at your organization about not only the power of social media, but also the right way to use that power? And how we don't have "luck" but we make "luck," through work and awareness and putting yourself out there?

Ask Gregory K of Gotta Book & The Happy Accident to speak.

Wow, wow, wow. Once again, I did such a good job of listening and absorbing that I didn't really take a lot of notes. But overall, I'll say this: Greg is brilliant.


Because he shows that things just don't happen; we make them happen. We create our own luck by putting ourselves out there, networking, knowing our priorities and keeping to them, being smart and mindful, having a goal and working towards it. And that one can be that assertive and positive and dedicated and do it in a graceful way that is not all "me me me." And that things take time and understanding and work. Work, work, work. But smart work.

Anyway, back to topic. Have I mentioned Greg's brilliant? Cause he is also a terrific speaker.

Greg used his personal story to illustrate the power of social media; but also lifted the curtain to show that it didn't "just happen." He wasn't just sitting at the drugstore soda fountain.

So, anyway, can I do any justice to Greg's presentation?

Social media is about celebrating -- ourselves and others. We all want to celebrate good news.

Listen to the wisdom of your network.

There is no one key to using social media because we all use it differently; what do we have in common? Connection.

The name may go away -- but social media itself will not. So don't worry about "will twitter last" -- social media will last.

How to be successful? Prepare; find your home; filter; and travel.

Online: trust and your reputation is EVERYTHING. (my aside: so, so true! And what those who don't understand the Internet don't get; they think it's a way to hide and pretend when it's just the opposite.) You are what you say and do; we are what we say and do. Best way to build trust online? Transparency.

Also: manners! Bring your manners. There is a difference between promotion and celebration.

Supporting your friends and your industry is important; being supportive does not mean that you never criticize or say anything negative.

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Terry Doherty said...

Wow! For someone who didn't take a lot of notes, you nailed it. I loved Greg's analogies to cocktail parties and inviting friends over. Adds a little warm and fuzzy to the sterile computer.

Greg Pincus said...

Is my icon blushing? You're quite kind, Liz... and I'm sending my mother here first thing in the morning!