Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blog Of the Day: be the story

Blog of the Day: be the story

About the Blogger: J. Timothy King, and it's all about the story: "be the story is a blog and podcast about stories, for people who love stories, to experience them and to weave them, for readers and writers." Includes TV, movies, and books.

About the Blog: I love how this blog includes TV when it talks about story. Stories are not limited to printed words in a bound book. Tim doesn't post as much as I'd like, but when he does, it's good, like the recent post about Sylvia Plath and how (like me) he liked the movie despite it's flaws.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Liz, for the kind words and the shout out. Even though I don't post often enough to be the story, I'm keeping it up, because I still love stories, and I still hope to post more in the future.

A lot has been happening in my life, including me leaving my job and starting my own business. One of my long-term goals is to arrange my life so that I can have more time to write and in particular to write about stories.