Saturday, January 06, 2007

Submit Your Entry for the Next Carnival of Children's Literature

The Tenth Carnival of Children's Literature will be over at Big A little a.

What is an online carnival?

It's a round up of blog posts on one topic; sometimes, as with this, the bloghost changes.

What it means to you: look over your posts for December and January, pick a favorite, and submit it. Hey, you're now part of the carnival!

Then, when the Carnival is posted, and you read it, you are reminded of some great posts you read and you discover new blogs. Plus, if you submitted a post, you also get some new readers.

In a way, Poetry Friday Round Up is a mini weekly Carnival of Poetry Friday.

What do you do?

Either go the blog carnival site to submit your post, or email Big A little a. More details and a round up of past carnivals is at Big A little a. Due date: January 15th! The Carnival itself will be posted January 20th.

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