Monday, January 01, 2007

Cybils Short Lists

The Cybils short lists will be posted this morning!

The schedule:

9:15 Poetry
9:30 Non-fiction Picture Book
9:45 Fiction Picture Book
10:00 YA fiction
10:15 MG/YA Non-fiction
10:30 MG fiction
10:45 Graphic Novel
11:00 Fantasy/Science Fiction

The Cybils started because a few bloggers said, hey, what if the blogosphere had its own book awards? Kelly over at Big A little a has some interesting stats on number of books and number of bloggers participating. Of course, that doesn't count the number of people who are looking at the long lists, made nominations, keep looking at the site; and also all the publishers who supplied review copies.

Thank you all, and it will be interesting to see the short lists and then to see the final winners!

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