Saturday, January 13, 2007

YALSA Elections (with a personal note)

ALA and YALSA elections are coming up; in order to vote for the YALSA part you must be a member of ALA and YALSA by January 31, 2007.

The election opens March 15 and closes April 24.

Go over to the YALSA blog to see the full slate of candidates for different positions.

Please note the candidates for the 2009 Michael L. Printz Award Committee:

Elizabeth Burns (yes, this is me!)
Donna Cook
Stacy Creel-Chavez
Alison Hendon
Celia Holm
Ellen Loughran
Karyn Silverman
J. Marin Younker

Eight candidates are running for four positions. The full policies and procedures for the Printz are here.

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Unknown said...

Oooh, how exciting. I'd vote for you, but I'm not a librarian. I wish you luck, though!

Brian Farrey said...

If you get on the Printz committee, do I have to genuflect whenever I visit your blog? Not that I don't already but it may call for an additional flourish. Maybe a few bars of "Under Your Spell?"

christine M said...

Too cool, Liz - good luck

Mary Lee said...

Rah, Rah, Sis Boom BAH! Go, Liz, GO!

Anonymous said...

Way cool! I hope that you get picked! But I don't think I'll genuflect.... Probably. But seriously, I think it's awesome.

Liz B said...

Thanks, all!

Janette Rallison said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you!