Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blog Of the Day: Arthur Slade

Here's the thing: I blog on my own time. This isn't work connected at all. So I do this before and after work, and I have other things that I do (oh, you know, life, plus some training and workshop gigs and writing for other sites and print journals and the like.)

So that's my pitiful excuse for why I am never as good as say, Kelly at Big A little a when it comes to updating my links and letting people know I updated my links.

How I update: I see who links to me (from statcounter, Google, technorati); I see who leaves comments; I sometimes get an email. If you think I have
deliberately ommitted you, absolutely not. It's just a mistake, and I apologize. I thought I added you and didn't. So, just remind me in the comments (or if you prefer, an email to lizzy.burns @, remove the spaces) if you are a kid lit blogger and are not in my sidebar.

If it looks like a blog hasn't been updated in, say, six months (and I don't know the blogger personally), I will probably remove the link.

OK, that explanation given, what I have decided to do, knowing I will never be Kelly-like in my updating and sharing, is to go thru and highlight a blog a day. (Ha ha ha ha ha .... anyone taking any bets on that? More like a few blogs a week.)

Blog of the Day: Arthur Slade: Writing for Young Adults

About the Blogger: Art Slade is the author of Dust, one of my favorite books, ever. He writes books for kids and teens; and he's a member of the adbooks discussion group.

About the Blog: A combination of posts and podcasts; Slade blogs about his writing and life in general.


Anonymous said...

Love this idea of BLOG OF THE DAY! Even if you don't do one every day, I love to find new blogs. Can't wait to see what you share;-)

Kelly said...

It's so hard to keep up, isn't it, Liz?

A blog a day is an awesome idea.

Unknown said...

Whoa! My blog is the blog of the day! I better blog something intelligent and interesting immediately!
: )