Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Are you going to the ALA Annual Conference in DC in June? I will be going, but I haven't registered yet. If you're going and interested in getting together for dinner or lunch, let me know; also, are you going to any of the "extras", either preconferences or awards? I'm trying to figure where to stay & what to include in my budget. And, you know, wondering what the cool kids are doing.



Gigi said...

i'm not sure if i'm going yet, but as a former metro resident. I'm telling you you have to hope the greenline metro and then cab it to hyattsville to Franklin's. love the food and the general store on the side is so worth the trip.

MotherReader said...

I'll be there! I don't know what I'll go to, or if I'll just tour the exhibits. But since I live around there, I'll see some folks.

I sent Betsy a hotel suggestion. I can send it your way too, if you'd like.

Chris said...

Liz, if you don't know by now, you ARE one of the coolest of all kids!
I am considering going with my kids and just hitting the exhibits - we went to DC last summer and had a great time.

Lindsey said...

I will be there and would love to meet any of my blog idols!

Janie L. Hermann said...

I will be there. I found a cheap hotel close to the conference center -- a friend of mine from DC says it is "basic but clean", let me know if you want the link.

I would love to do lunch or dinner with you. I have no idea what I am doing and when, other than attending the meetings for the committees I am on and going to lots of social events in the evening.

Liz B said...

gigi, let's talk tomorrow about DC

MR, I'm wondering if Friday night may be good for a get together? I'll also be there Thursday night, but I think more people will be around Friday & it won't conflict with the Newbery dinner.

Chris, let me know when you're done, we can at least hit the exhibits together.

Zee, I'm adding you to my blogroll; please email me at lizzy.burns @ gmail.com (remove the spaces) & let me know your RL and what you think about Friday for dinner.

Janie, yay to a meal (and do you think we can do another bloggers lunch for NJLA? That was fun last year.)

Anyone else taking a gander at this; I will repost closer to the event & my email is lizzy.burns @ gmail.com

mbpbooks said...

I'll be there on Saturday! Hope to see you, Liz and others. I'll be signing books for Charlesbridge at 1 p.m.