Monday, February 26, 2007

Blog of the Day: Patrick Jones

Blog of the Day: Patrick Jones (actually, that's his website)

About the Blogger: If you have anything to do with teens and libraries, PatrickJones is a must-know. And yes, he's one of those people where the first name and last name run together into one name: PatrickJones. He's a librarian; he's written several professional books about teens and libraries; and he is now writing fiction for teens.

About the Blog: Or, rather, website. Find out about all the stuff PatrickJones does: his books, his presentations, and the like. While he is now concentrating on fiction, his books about teens and libraries are must reads. PatrickJones respects teens; and respects all teens. Fastest way to tell a kid that they are not welcome at a library? Sneer at their reading selections; tell them that's not "real reading." While non-librarians may be thinking "so what," if you are interested in what it means to be teen librarian; or interested in what teens are reading and why; pick up one of his books. Any library should have them, tho chances are even if it's "checked in" it's actually on a librarian's desk, annotated with post-its. PatrickJones also has a blog, which needs to be updated. And a MySpace page.

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