Friday, February 16, 2007

Time For A Pool

How long until the posts start about the poor kids who went to see Bridge To Terabithia expecting Narnia and getting Love Story?*

As someone who had to give the heads up to my sister (no, no, don't take Cheetah, please don't take her!), I know there are many well intentioned parents who are going to have one major WTF moment in the theatres this weekend. And have to deal with something they totally weren't prepared for. Which isn't fair to parent or child.

It's a shame -- everyone says its a great film, a wonderful adaptation, so what are the advertising people thinking?

Maybe I'm over reacting, or anticipating the worst, but I'm afraid of a backlash based on the movie not delivering what the trailer promises.

* OK, so that example of a death movie sucks. But I'm a bit tired so cannot think of the good "cried my eyes out" death movie to use here. Suggestions welcome, I'll edit the post and credit you.

Edited to add: 2nd Gen Librarian review. Very interesting, including audience reaction.


Anonymous said...

My Girl? (Sad movie where a little kid dies.)

My nine-year-old--who absolutely loved Narnia (saying ecstatically "This is Lord of the Rings for me!")--was immediately captivated by the Terabithia trailer and said "We gotta see that!" Until I explained what it was really about. I'm very glad I knew, that I had read about the movie on-line. While I would like to see it, I know it wouldn't appeal to him at all, and yes, it ticks me off that they're marketing it that way.

mbpbooks said...

Melissa's suggestion, I think, is "About A Girl" starring Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky, Dan Aykroyd, and Jamie Lee Curtis, put out in 1991. Spoiler: boy dies, you and girl cry, the end. Lousy choice for a family seeking light entertainment.

mbpbooks said...

Whoa! Melissa's title was right; I've got Hugh Grant on the brain thanks to his new release. Anyway, my synopsis still stands.

Unknown said...

I agree with you. A friend of mine with a 9 year old (friend of my daughter, who is 9 also) was talking baout taking the girls to see the movie this weekend and I had to ask if she had read the book, then I went on to describe the book and she couldn't believe THAT what was what the movie was about. Both her and her daughter thought that the movie was a Narnia type movie. I told her to have her daughter read the book THEN go see the movie. After my book description, I think she decided to wait on both.

Mary Lee said...

I didn't get to finish reading it to my class (too many snow days this month), so I FORBADE them to see it before I finished reading it aloud.

We'll see how strong my authority is...

Chris Barton said...

Dying Young? No? OK.

Anonymous said...

I wailed after watching The Cure with Brad Renfro.

As for the advertisers... their job is to get people in to see the movie. Once the ticket is bought, who cares if they advertised it "properly." You bought the ticket. If the film is good enough you'll tell a friend. If you hated it, well... you've alredy bought the ticket!

Anonymous said...

So, basically, people who know and love the story are put off by the trailer, because it looks like the movie won't be true to the book, and they don't go see the movie. And the people who do go see the movie based on the trailer are disappointed, because it's not what they were expecting. Way to make everyone unhappy, advertising team. Which is a shame, because it sounds like a great movie from what I know is a great book.

Nancy said...

I just read the book for the first time today. Finally! (I've been hiding in shame till now.)

And I agree with Jen.

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