Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blog of the Day: The New Misrule Blog

Blog of the Day: The New Misrule Blog

About the Blogger: Judith Ridge knows a lot about children's literature. She writes, she teaches, she edits, she does it all.

About the Blog: The blog gets its name from a classic children's book; an Australian book, which I have never read.* Judith is from Australia and I am the best. person. ever because I am resisting any and all Australia-type jokes such as .... Ha. Not even doing THAT. Given that Australian YA authors are amazing and keep winning Printz Honors, anyone reading kids and teens books should be keeping an eye on what is getting published in Australia. And one way to do that is thru Judith's blog, despite the frustration of hearing about a book that isn't out in the US yet. Oh, and another thing? Judith is a fan of Good TV (Buffy, Veronica Mars, etc.)

* But I just found it at Amazon so I'm adding it to my Wish List.

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