Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blog of the Day: Marlene Perez's LiveJournal

Blog of the Day: Marlene Perez's LiveJournal

About the Blogger: Marlene Perez is a YA author (the first book I blogged about was Unexpected Development by Marlene).

About the Blog: About writing; upcoming books; TV shows, including Veronica Mars (and what's with naming that guy Piz anyway? That name alone is reason to dislike him); and various and sundry things.


MarPerez said...

I'm honored to be the blog of the day AND that Unexpected Development was the first book you blogged about!

Also relieved that you didn't use the words "obsessed Veronica Mars fan" to describe me.


Liz B said...

I've been spoiler free and was SHOCKED about Lamb. Yeah, he was a total idiot...but. wow. And, so senseless -- realistic, actually.

And the actor is funny as hell; did you read his own recap of the ep? It's at: http://community.livejournal.com/rack_of_lamb/206368.html

AND, my friend jennifer just finished shooting an ep of VM. She plays a stripper.

Obsessed? This is normal. It's the rest of the world who isn't.

MarPerez said...

I'm totally spoiled and I didn't know about Lamb. It came as a total shock! I loved that character (okay, I loved to hate him) and was BUMMED.

Oh, which episode is your friend on? They've already had one stripper/hooker episode that aired, was it Poughkeepsie, Tramps, & Thieves?

The rest of the world needs to get with the program, especially since the ratings have been so low. I think I'm cursed. Shows I love rarely live long. FREAKS & GEEKS, ROSWELL, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I'm hoping VM can break that cycle and make it to season 4.