Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why I Like Reading Scholar's Blog

OK, yes, there are the reviews of fantasy books.

But better than that : Michele is, indeed, a scholar. As you can see from her sidebar, she originally concentrated on literature from World War I. Michele takes that same dedication to her reviews, regardless of the book.

Bluntly: she's no literary snob.

Right now, she's on a Doctor Who kick that has extended to the series tie-in books. Talk about a niche that gets no respect! Yet Michele treats the books with the same type of respect, and analysis, as she would any other book.

For the record: my favorite series tie in books of all time were for original Battlestar Galactica.


Michele said...

Thanks for your kind words, Liz. The reason I'm treating the "Doctor Who" books as seriously as any other books (apart from the fact I'm not a literary snob!) is that these books are very popular with children over here, and I see no reason to treat them any differently than any other popular children's books.

(I confess I've never got into Battlestar Galactica - either the old or the new incarnations.)

Liz B said...

That you see no reason to treat these books differently is why you rock.

Michele said...

I rock ? Oh cool ! ;-D

Camille said...

I like Michele's blog because she loves LOTR. When she launched her blog I linked to her immediately!

I first "discovered" Michele when I followed her posts during a Chld_lit Tolkien bashing a few years ago. I could tell she was a kindred spirit!

Michele said...

Aw thanks, Camille. It's true, we do have a lot of tastes in common, most notable LotR !