Saturday, February 03, 2007

Awards that aren't awards

Colleen at Chasing Ray has been doing some musing about awards and their usefulness, including how they are limited to a certain year, how it's only one book, and some such stuff.

Anyhow, she's decided to start a sort of anti-award; she's picking a subject and asking for nominations. Colleen has guidelines posted about this year's topic, Coming of Age. Head over there to make nominations.

If you're a list lover, particularly of lists that aren't limited to a specific year, don't forget the ALA Popular Paperback lists; each year, the committee picks 4 topics, and then the members read books for that topic. Books can be fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anything -- as long as they are related to that particular topic. Only other rule is that the book must be available in paperback.

Little Willow has created an amazing number of lists. The books span a wide range of interests and topics.


Little Willow said...


Little Willow said...

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