Monday, February 12, 2007

Maureen Dowd and Chick Lit

Well, I was going to rant about Maureen Dowd's Saturday column in the New York Times, Heels Over Hemingway, but GalleyCat has done such a nice job of rounding up all the online criticism that I'll just read that and nod.

It's hard to say what is my "favorite" part of Dowd's column; Dowd not realizing that Angus, Thongs is a teen book; the phony pseudo intellectual snobbism; or that there hasn't been a good anti-war novel written since The Red Badge of Courage.

(This GalleyCat entry links to where you can read the column for free.)


Becky C. said...

Miss Dowd was just having a hot flash:)


Anonymous said...

So glad you're talking about this column. It was Dowd at her lowest, which is saying something. What's her bias against the color pink? Does she know it used to be associated with boys? Does she realize that the Bell Jar with pink typography is the same as the Bell Jar without? Or that women actually buy more fiction than men, and can't be accused of reading only light fare? She's such a jerk...

Kelly said...

All I can say is that...people like Maureen Dowd or Naomi Wolf or Larry King or Rush know, cultural commentators...should STAY AWAY FROM BOOKS.

Books can not be fit into whatever point you want to make. You need to look at the books first, and then make your point. Arrrgh. Whatever!