Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lisa Graff Blog Tour

Catch up on the whole Lisa Graff blog tour for her new book, The Thing About Georgie.

The Blog Tour, taking place this last week and ending today:

Monday The Longstockings
Tuesday Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Wednesday Big A little a
Thursday Bildungsroman
Friday A Fuse #8 Production
Saturday MotherReader
Sunday Gothamist Edited to direct link to interview at Gothamist

The Questions that weren't asked:

You've mentioned that you like tea. What kind of tea?

How did you come up with The Thing About Georgie as a title? (Lately, I've been a wee bit obsessed with finding out how and when books get their official title.)

Why Georgie? Why not Michael or Trevor of Eamonn?

and, in a nod to Pop Goes the Library, What is your pop culture area of expertise?

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