Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blog of the Day: Educating Alice

Blog of the Day: Educating Alice

About the Blogger: Monica is a teacher; she's written books and articles on a number of subjects, including teaching history to children. And she's a fan of Alice in Wonderland.

About the Blog: Monica writes about children, children's literature, teaching children, teaching children using literature, and other sundry topics that come to her attention. I particularly like how she recognizes that there is no one size fits all for books and kids; she mentions how sometimes a class will adore one book, while other years, it's a "meh" reaction. Monica also talks about balance between being sensitive to students, yet challenging; and has written some great stuff about history, historical fiction and her concern with how fiction is used to teach history, and using primary sources to teach elementary students.


Monica Edinger said...

Liz, thanks so much!

Barbara Bietz said...

Hi Liz,

I am looking foward to checking out Monica's blog! I just dusted off my historical fictin manuscript and I'm sure I'll find some helpful information.

I really stopped by say I enjoyed your article about blogging in SLJ. Everyone is my local SCBWI is talking about it!

I'll be visiting your terrific blog again.

Thanks so much!


Liz B said...

Monica, you're welcome

Barbara, thank you for the kind words about the article & I'll be adding your blog to my sidebar.

Barbara Bietz said...


I'd be honored to be in your sidebar! I wil add you to mine, too!

Happy reading and writing!