Friday, February 23, 2007


Brotherhood 2.0 is (are?) talking about books and bookshelves. I think I'm going to have to start a one book in, one book out rule. John Green says "buy another bookshelf"... he makes it sound so, so easy.

Here is the table with the books to read from the library; plus some of my own that I want to read soon.

This is the bookshelf in the bedroom. It's a mix of read books/ to be read books, but I own all of them. Most of the TBR are on the bottom shelf.

This is the table holding the TBR Graphic Novels. And magazines.

Actually, I've read one about half of these.

This is the workspace next to my desk.

One of the living room bookcases. Note it is full. I've read about half of them.

Bookcase by my computer. A mix of read books and reference type books.

Bottom shelves of the larger bookcases; these, along with the piles, are mostly review copies. (Hey, I just got back from ALA!)

This is the bookshelf that has Cheetah's and Peter Parker's books.

These are some of the boxes that have the books that are in storage.


Anonymous said...

holy smokes--who needs a library?! We'll just come to your house!

Little Willow said...

Books are good. Bookshelves are lovely. Go you!

Let me know if I should read the Pederson novels.

You have Wicked Lovely!!!

Robin Brande said...

Oh, Liz. Oh, oh, Liz.

Is it wrong to say I feel SO much better about my own TBR piles? Every time I look at them they make me nervous and guilty. But you have WAY more work ahead of you than I do.

I read several years ago that Bill Gates had a policy of piling up all his TBR materials under his bed, and when he couldn't fit any more he took a vacation and brought all the books with him and stocked his room with caffeine and just read for twenty hours a day or something until he handled it all.

What's your plan?

Erin said...

Ditto what Robin said about feeling soo much better. :) That was such a fun post to read!!

Michele said...

Hmm, wonder if I should take (and post) photos of *my* huge book piles in my tiny attic room ?

Lisa Yee said...

Phew! I'm relieved to find out I'm not the only one with multiple piles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the peek into your shelves. I just ordered the American Document books from the library. They are in the first photo.

You do need more shelves.

Erin said...

And how do you go about getting book catalogs from publishers? Do you have to be on some exclusive list of VIP? ;)

Unknown said...

Oh, how funny! Your house looks like mine!

Anonymous said...

Lurker here! I love your pics. My house looks the same! I actually posted something similar a while back.

Liz B said...

Thanks, all!

LW, I was wondering who would be the person to actually look at the titles in the stacks.

I am constantly shifting my TBR piles based on my current "to dos." Right now I'm on a Non Fiction binge because of obligtions for NJLA. After that, I'll be doing some reading of review copies from Raab. And personally I'm in a Julie Garwood mood.

Michele & everyone else -- please post your book photos, I'll feel better about myself!

Erin, some of them are sent to me by publishers who contact me via the blog; others I get from handing out business cards when I go to conferences; and some come because I get them thru work.

Margaret, thanks for delurking and please love your URL so I can add you to my blogroll.

Nina, I enjoy NF that uses primary sources. Marc Aronson did a great book on the Salem Witch trials a few years back, and the best part of the book was how he looked at how different writers, relying on the same documents, had different interpretations based on their own time periods.

Sarah said...

Oh, good heavens! And I thought my book shelf was a bit over-crowded! You are in serious need of one of those "so many books, so little time" t-shirts!