Thursday, May 04, 2006

ALA Annual Convention

I will be at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Convention this June (22nd to the 27th.) It's in New Orleans this year.

If you're going, please let me know!


web said...

Not going, alas, but how awesome they're having it in New Orleans! Way to show support.

Anonymous said...

I'm going! How weird - I just started getting my stuff together in earnest today...

I'll shoot you an email to talk more.

fusenumber8 said...

Yo yo yo.
Fuse #8 in the house.
Or rather, not in the house at all but in cheapo dorm housing at ALA.

The kiddie lit blogs should meet there for dinner or some such madness. Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Indeed! Fuse, I just dropped you a comment with my email address. Liz, you've already got it, and I've got yours. So let's talk more.

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