Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Harry And The Potters

I just posted about Harry and the Potters over at Pop Goes the Library.

Some extra thoughts:

Jill came down to see HATP and we had a lot of fun! She was a great help, directing kids to the right place in the library, and also put up with me having to work the event.

I love how the DeGeorge brothers (the geniuses behind HATP) didn't just write songs about Harry Potter; they wrote songs as if they were Harry Potter. And perform them as if they were Harry; well, one is Harry Year 4 and one is Harry Year 7, and imagine if Harry decided to express his anger by writing punk songs. It makes so much sense that Harry would have a band.

When you listen to the lyrics, and see HATP perform, what is also clear is how much they respect the books and their audience.

So if they are coming to a town near you, Drop Everything and Go!

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