Friday, May 12, 2006

Favorite Paper

Michele and I discussed the importance of pens below.

Apparently, JK Rowling has a favorite type of paper.

And you know, I respect that. Cause I personally prefer narrow ruled. And I do like a paper with the right weight and feel.


Brian Farrey said...

Me? I'm all about chairs. Lately, I've been paying attention to the chairs that I sit in while I write. I used to think that I love the big, tall-backed, cushy chair at the desk in my office. But I'm finding now that I get more/better work done at the tall-backed, wooden kitchen chair. Weird, that.

Michele said...

I saw Rowling's rant about paper on her website and it made me laugh because I also have a thing about paper as well as pens ! (Do you get the impression that I'm a bit obsessive ?!) I use a particular brand and have done for years, but I buy the 200 page pads in twos or threes, to make sure I don't run out.