Monday, May 29, 2006

Eragon Film

While I myself have yet to read Eragon beyond chapter 3 (either in book or audio form) (conclude what you will about that), I am very interested in the film, because I heart Jeremy Irons.

I was first introduced to Jeremy by Brideshead Revisited, which inspired me to read the book and become a lifelong fan of Evelyn Waugh. The love of JeremyIrons (he's one of those both names makes his name type of guy) grew with Reversal of Fortunes. And he was just perfect as Dudley in the most recent Elizabeth miniseries on HBO.

More info at Fuse # 8 on the upcoming film.

(And please don't be jealous, Luke!)


Brian Farrey said...

Thank you.

I thought I was all alone in the "What's the big deal?" boat when it comes to Eragon. In every interview I've read with the author, he talks about emulating Tolkien and such and all I could think was, "Uh, that's fairly obvious."

I mean, kudos to the kid for hitting it big. And it's great that he wrote a book so young. But that's exactly how it comes across to me too.

Liz B said...

The teens at the library love Eragon; and I do wonder, will they love it as well when they read Tolkein and Pern and the like for the first time?

My main concern for "teen authors" is the same as for teen actors; will making it big so young prevent them from growing as artists? I wonder if Amelia Atwatter Rhodes is now pigeonholed into a certain genre because of her interests when she was 12. Will CP always and forever by Eragon?

Or will he be allowed to grow and perhaps fail as a writer, the same way that writers who aren't published grow and experiment?