Monday, May 22, 2006

The Edge of the Forest

The latest edition of The Edge of the Forest is up for your reading pleasure. Big A little a highlights the contents.

My contributions include reviews of:

Bodies From the Ash: Life and Death in Ancient Pompeii, because Pompeii is fascinating. I would have loved to be an archaeologist, but I am very bad at languages.

Being Bindy by Alyssa Brugman, because I love Australian YA fiction, and I love middle school fiction that doesn't treat the reader like a little kid but also doesn't go all Gossip Girl; and

the movie version of The Thief Lord, which the 12 year old me would have loved.

Other reviews and highlights include Nothing But the Truth (And A Few White Lies) by Justina Chen Headley, which I reviewed here; an interview with Mitali Perkins; and a "kid picks" roundup from NYC homeschoolers.

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Little Willow said...

I'm glad to hear that Bindy is cute. Yay. I really liked Finding Grace. I enjoyed Walking Naked, but FG was good and about something rarely addressed in novels.