Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ghost Whisperer

Stop laughing at me for watching Ghost Whisperer.

Yes, I know all the arguments against the show.

But I cannot help it. I love it, I adore how horrible JLH's clothes are, I like her husband, I like the moment where the ghost's mission on earth is done and he can walk into the light.

Last night, I totally didn't realize what was happening . . . me, who always, always, always, can see it coming, especially with a show like this. C'mon, it's not Veronica Mars!

But last night -- it surprised me.

I didn't see it coming at all.

And I cried like a baby.

updated to add: spoilers in comments about season finale. so if you don't want to know, don't read the comments.


Little Willow said...

I missed the season finale. Tell me what happened!

Liz B said...

So the plane crashes just outside of town, and for days they are going thru the wreckage. Everyone is dead, and Andrea is freaking out because it looks like her brother was on that plane but she cannot get confirmation. Melinda (in better clothes than usual) keeps trying to tell her what she's seen, and Andrea doesn't want to hear it.

Meanwhile, bad dude in black hat is trying to get the dead people not to go into the light, yadda yadda, Melinda convinces most of them to go into the light. Set up for confrontations next year. And husband saves a girl (she'd been in a car that the plane crashed into.)

Then Andrea's brother shows up, and Melinda tries to tell Andrea something, but Andrea runs to her brother and he walks right by her. And hugs Melinda. The brother missed the plane; he's OK. But Andrea is dead. She's in one of the cars the plane hit. And that is what Melinda had been trying to tell Andrea the whole time: that Andrea was dead.