Friday, May 26, 2006

Update Your Addresses

There's some moving and expanding and changes going on in the blogosphere:

Michele has always been clear that she is discussing books and may use spoilers; but there are spoilers and then there are spoilers, so she is experimenting with a separate site for the Very Big Spoiler book discussions. I am interested in seeing how it plays out; as she notes, LiveJournal allows for "cuts" that allow the writer to "hide" spoilers from those who don't want to see them. A reader must click on the link. However, even that solution isn't foolproof. I read most of my blogs in Bloglines, and for some reason the option disappears and instead the entire post appears.

Sadly, Judith Ridge fought the spammers and the spammers won. She's been forced to move her blog to a new address.

Tasha S. of Sites and Soundbytes and Kids Lit, among others, has a new job. Congratulations!! She hasn't announced yet how that will affect her most-wonderful blogs.

Melissa Wiley has added a new blog. Here in the Bonny Glen will remain active, but she is also going to be blogging at The Lilting House. As she explains, "Bonny Glen will continue to focus primarily on literature and the living-books lifestyle, and The Lilting House will focus on homeschooling, educational issues, and special needs children." The Lilting House is part of Club Mom; while I'm not a Mom, I'm always interested in reading things that will give me insight about what library patrons and readers are interested in, so I'll be checking out Melissa's blog and the other ones there.

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Michele said...

Thanks for the mention of the Spoiler Zone, Liz. I'm hoping to get some spoilerish additions to recent reviews up over the long weekend and during the next week. I'll be starting with my reviews of Charles Butler's books as there was a lot more I wanted to say about them that would have meant spoiling the plots.