Monday, May 22, 2006

Flat Storky

Brian and Storky recently went on a whirlwind world tour!

The tour was inspired by an interesting conversation about reading choices. Be sure to read the comments (include Debby Garfinkle's). Debby said, "Hey, girls can write good YA books too." and Brian responded, "Oddly enough, I don't care if a boy or a girl wrote a book. I don't seek out black writers or gay writers or paraplegic writers. I seek out good writing and fun stories. Some of these books were recommended to me. Some are there because I like the writer. No gender bias in mind."

Of course, since it's all about me, I began to think about my own reading choices, particularly as I look at the huge pile of Book Expo books.

Like Brian, I seek out good writing and fun stories; but I also have to sometimes push beyond what I want to read to what I need to read. If it was just about me, I wouldn't have to; but as a librarian, who will be doing readers advisory, and as someone who likes to review books, I need to read more broadly then my personal preferences. So yes, I do try to look at the mix of authors, topics, and genres I've read, and seek out what may be a hole in my "to be read" pile.

Of course, I'm not ridiculous about mixing up my reading. For example, I have a huge hole in my "to be read" pile -- called "serious adult books". And that, my friends, is an area that I feel perfectly fine ignoring.

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