Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Reviewer Bingo: I WIN

Playing Book Reviewer Bingo?

I'll make it easy for you.

SLOTAT is a beautifully written, powerful young adult novel is compelling in its artistry, a true tour de force of comic elements combined with heartfelt drama. It's John Green meets Lurlene McDaniel, with humor and angst. The main characters, Amy and Ricky, are nuanced and fully realized. The sweeping depiction of teen parenthood is pitch-perfect, unflinching in its portrayal of teen sexuality. It is truly thought-provoking as it examines modern day families and friendships. The lyrical language of SLOTAT is at once readable and riveting. Despite Amy getting pregnant her first time having sex, and Ricky's bad boy background, SLOTAT is cliche free. It is also timely, reflecting current stories of pregnant teens in the news. In the tradition of "message books," this haunting story of people struggling to do the right thing is unputdownable. At times, the plots were simply stunning, if not epic. A riveting tale for any reader. That said, your Twilight fans may not want something this gritty.

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khuck said...

Ha! I was already thinking that Book Reviewer Bingo was a great way to illustrate cliches w/ students, and now I have a WONDERFUL, easy example for modeling! Also, what a great example of satire at work! Do I need your permission to do this? I plan to fully credit you!

melissa @ 1lbr said...

The saddest part about that bingo game is that I rediscover my own use of cliches in reviewing. Painful. I've got to find some better words/phrases to use.

Liz B said...

Khuck, permission granted!

Melissa, I know I've used many of these. I was thisclose to actually linking to the reviews where I've used them but it was way too much time. I think its not so much whether you use them, but how and when they are used. Cause sometimes? "x meets y" is the perfect way to describe a book!