Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SLJ Round Two, Match Three

Christopher Paul Curtis's tough decision (and all of these have been tough): Marching For Freedom versus A Season of Gifts.

And this is the point in the Battle of the Kids' Books that I almost go completely off topic. Obesity? Really? And chubby? (Erase rant about health versus obesity and celebrity culture saying constant dieting, purging and excessive exercise is the desired norm, plus lets stop confusing obesity (with its implications of laziness and lack of self control along with the use of that term for anyone overweight) with health issues (about food and additives)).


Curtis praises both books, to the point where until I read "and the winner is..." I wasn't sure who he would pick. But Marching for Freedom continues to March on. Will its luck change once a decision is posted in April? Or will the appeal of Marching for Freedom combined with its educational value mean that it will April on?

Since Gifts has fallen by the wayside, I can now confess: I haven't read it. And I don't get the Grandma Dowdel worship. I do love that books for kids have a main character that is a senior citizen!

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